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A little about me...

I'm Holland a professional photographer based in BIRMINGHAM, AL- mom to Chappell (9), Collier (6) and Margaret Reed (3). Wife to my best friend (on most days) Reed. I'm addicted to coffee and never wear anything but work out clothes (ignore the photo, it's fake). I love running with my friends and haven't watched a TV show in probably 10 years. I don't like sand, but the beach is my happy place!
I've been a photographer for nearly a decade, which is hard to believe. In 2008 I quit my job to stay home with my first child... However, I soon found myself in a new city with a colicky baby- and needed something else to focus on. I became all but obsessed. I didn't want to owe my husband or parents anything if this venture tanked, so I sold some jewelry to a pawn shop to buy my first version of Photoshop. I was truly petrified the whole time I was in there!

Hands down, what I love most about my job is spending time with my clients. I have *the* best clientele, and their enthusiasm and gratitude for what I do makes my job extremely satisfying. YOU are the reason I enjoy my work so much. Numerous clients have become the dearest of friends and I treasure the relationships that I have with them. I find myself side by side with my clients for some of life's most sacred moments (weddings, births, engagements & all those special milestones)-- and I don't take that lightly.

I feel blessed beyond measure to be able to do what I love for a living.